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In 2016 I moved into smaller quarters. I felt pressure from my wife and from my children. Once I moved I felt relief. The new place has no stairs. I am able to set up my computer &c in a separate room with telephone instead of impinging on the dining room table. I am not completely moved in after two years and four months—I need to put in shelves and bring the rest of my books and notes from the other house.

I got rid of of 75 to 85 percent of my books. My research into the Scouting Movement may take more time than I have left so I may have to write some less than complete analysis or scrap the project. Fortunately my sources in primary/secondary education are available on line and I still have some contacts. I also got rid of my natural science fieldbooks so I cannot pass them on to grandchildren. My professional libraries in naval studies and Egyptology are gone—those were interesting at the time but I will never get to the ocean again, much less to the Pyramids. I kept my dictionaries in Latin, German and Spanish. I miss the dictionaries of obsolete English and Scots.

I am 75. The future is a cloud of unknowns, the past is regrets of roads not taken and feelings of a need to apologize for a lot that I did take. But I am at a waypoint in a journey that I know the end but I still do not know what lies between here and there. In the great scheme of things nothing I do in the present will erase the past or change the future.

But I am back after a four year hiatus. I have not changed my political beliefs or my basic belief that tool use is essential to a free society. I have been diagnosed with Parkinsonism—the difference is that I show some of the symptoms rather than all, but the treatment is the same. I was diagnosed because, in addition to the essential tremor I have had since infancy, my voice is becoming weaker [not good for a political operator] and my balance is going south. The tremor on my left side is being treated using deep brain stimulation which gives me a second implanted control device. And I am back down to 130 pounds—like my sophomore year in high school.

This reminds me that neurosurgeons [in fact all surgeons] are tool users. The surgeon who implanted my latest used a power drill, not unlike the drill press I have at the other house. His nurse is an amateur gunsmith. My fusions were done by a neurosurgeon who ties his own flies.

Expect new posts on new gadgets and expect my political posts to continue. Ben Franklin was a tool user and commented on the politics of the day.