Free Society

Liberty: by the numbers

(c) 2012  Earl L Haehl – Permission is granted to redistribute this in whole as long as credit is given.  Book rights are reserved.

Unfortunately, liberty in the United States is a matter of numbers. So I’m going to review a few—no powers of ten or need for a graphing calculator. Simple and super majorities.

For starters:

270 – the number of electoral votes necessary to elect the President of the United States.

3 – the number of electoral votes guaranteed to the Democrats. Three electors are guaranteed to the District of Columbia by the 23rd Amendment to the Constitution. For all intents and purposes, DC is a safe zone for Democrats unless someone more amenable to the welfare state shows up on the Republican side.

34 – the number of Patriots in the Senate necessary to prevent ratification of treaties not in the interest of liberty.

234 / 67 – the number of votes in the House and Senate necessary to override a presidential veto.

60 – the number of votes necessary in the Senate to pass a spending measure or a revenue measure that comes from the House.

5 – Justices can alter your rights for good or ill.

300 – Spartans (and 700 Thespians) opposed Xerxes at Thermopilae.

15 – Stars and 15 stripes were on the flag at Fort McHenry.

1 – person can make a difference. You or me, because we cannot rely on he or she.


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