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(c) 2012  Earl L Haehl – Permission is granted to redistribute this in whole as long as credit is given.  Book rights are reserved.

Back in the late 20th Century (or possibly the early 21st), I was writing a novel and the main character looked his rival in the eye and said, “All power is temporary, save that which created the cosmos.” That is about all that is left of that piece of fiction, because it states a truth that neither the elites nor their conspiracy theorist opposition understand.

It goes back to the Enlightenment which rejected hierarchies and looked instead to Nature and Nature’s God. Unfortunately, there are some people who have made some discoveries and get the idea that they know “the secrets.” Nature (whether we call her Danu, Artemis, Isis, Sophia or Our Lady of Guadalupe) has a sense of humor and she chuckles at those who think they control her because they have uncovered something they think they can hide from the “unwashed.” The fact is that because it has been uncovered by someone means it is likely to be uncovered by others.

So we have “enlightened” elites who have replaced the “hierarchical” elites and are willing to go to vast extremes to prevent “commoners” from gaining the secrets. This is done by restrictive admission to educational opportunities, censorship of what is published, societies to “protect” the hidden knowledge. Further the reason this is done is to convince the rest of us that we are somewhat inferior and should remain in our place—with me they failed when I figured out that a couple shots of Tennessee sippin’ whiskey makes me everyone’s superior. However, Andrew Carnegie endowed buildings for public libraries. And Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have made what is on the internet much more accessible. There should be a theory about how much mass a genie must attain to be permanently free of the bottle—in this case it seems that we may have passed it some time ago.

“Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the screen.” And then we discover that the Great and Terrible Oz is just a balloonist from Omaha.

The Bilderberg Group just finished their 2012 Meeting in Chantilly, VA. And the Alex Jones faction of the alternative press did all in their power to “expose” what was going on. And the Bilderbergers, playing their part, gave cryptic interviews to their favored “journalists” and otherwise maintained the appearance of a secret cabal. Therein lies the “power.” It is a game and each player is dependent on the other, the power monger is dependent on the conspiracy theorist for publicity and the conspiracy theorist needs the power monger as a foil.

Yes. The power of secret societies is based on perception. In fact any show of phenomena beyond the understanding of the masses is perceived as witchcraft. A gentleman attending the San Diego County Science fair back when I was in high school thought that a Tesla coil—built by a friend of mine—was satanic. He did not realize how his radio worked. So it has been with gunpowder, steam, the telegraph and the internet. I can see the power of the internet, but it is largely psychological—in fact, the internet is somewhat like a mechanical device improved by a patent medicine salesman who went by “Doctor Colt.” Yes, the internet does for the war of ideas what Colt’s revolver did for Captain Walker’s Rangers—it levels the playing field.

Those “secret” groups who exercise power because people let them exercise power by assent. They are like the character of the Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz who turns out to be defeated by a bucket of mop water. Because the Bilderbergers promote this aura of power, elected officials bow and scrape as the mayors were doing to Royal Governors in New England in 1769. A few years later, a few barrels of Governor Hutchinson’s tea in the harbor, and there is an altered paradigm. A few words, beginning with “When in the course of human events” and ending with “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” and the paradigm is further altered.

How to break the power. I might recommend a mopping formula based on water, chlorine bleach and ammonia which is not recommended by the folks at the extension but does a heck of a job on really sticky floors—as well as eating sponges. The first thing is to stop groveling. As long as elected officials believe the forces have power they will. All the rebels need to do is convince twenty percent of the masses the power is phony. Historically, that is critical mass. Sam Adams had fifteen percent of Boston when they went on board ship to assure Governor Hutchinson had no reason to warehouse the tea. It was Wilhelm Tell who told the Austrians they had no power and backed it up with a few well placed bolts. It was Wallace at Stirling Bridge. It was Smith’s militia at Fort McHenry. It was the folks at the Alamo who delayed Lopez a good ten days so Houston could prepare at San Jacinto. It was los Heroes Nin~os at Chapultapec. It is the seven over the hill gunfighters who take the job because they do not have anything else—and the farmers who hire them because they cannot find anyone else.



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