Feral Swine Redux

April 16, 2012, is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia so the tax day is delayed until Tuesday. What happens in the hinterlands on this day is that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, acting on bogus science, is proceeding with an Invasive Species Order to “eradicate” feral swine by eradicating heritage breeds of domestic farm stock because they look like their feral cousins. That the urban dominated legislature did not stamp out this technocratic nonsense is the best evidence to date of the inherent stupidity (in addition to bogus constitutional authority) for one-man one vote in state legislatures. It is also the failure of urbo-centric education which does not explain where food comes from.

Of course the heritage breeds of swine look like feral swine. They are the same species and sub species. The difference is that feral animals (or their antecedents) have escaped the custody of the farm. Any farm boy or hunter in such states as Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas etc. can tell you that the difference is that domestic livestock are penned. And this will also be the case with the hybrid varieties not covered by the order. Time will bear me out on this.

Swine are omnivores like humans, bears, and cub scouts (a particularly omnivorous subset of humans). They do not exist only on the corn fed them by Farmer Fred. If given the opportunity the boar (and even the sows) will devour the young. They do not amuse themselves by reading Bonhoeffer and discussing the ethics of cannibalism. I have no great love for swine of any size—in particular my grandfather’s boar who scared the tweet out of me—and I look upon the Big Bad Wolf as a protector of the natural order against the three urbanized feral swine.

Pork, on the other hand, can be a delight. And, unlike a majority of todays youth and the powers that be up there in Michigan, I have a sense of where my food comes from. And believe me, given the opportunity to train my Mauser or my .44 Magnum revolver on a lean feral beast is a lot more appetizing than an overweight feedlot animal. My cardiologist would agree.

You can read views opposing those of the DNR at


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