Compleat Idler, Education

Introduction — Shameless self-promotion Department

No copyright necessaryAnyone who would copy this is a sad case–un perrito infirmo.

Let’s begin where we are now.  I will be posting practical information for dealing with education, preparedness and political survival.  (Realize that I have been exposed to the writings of William O. Douglas, William J. Brennan and Laurence H. Tribe–this means I have a broad interpretation of my parameters.)  I have been watching the government in action since the early sixties and I tend to remember a lot which turns up at the oddest times and occasionally slips by where it might be appropriate.  I also see trends leading toward a concentration of power in the unelected.  I will be discussing origins of terms we use and in relation to statutory or constitutional language, I believe the language as understood at the time of adoption prevails,

I also will bring in a broad spectrum that is the result of a liberal arts education and studies beyond the walls of academe and government.  I hate walls that exclude ideas and thoughts.  I would, however, restrict the powers of government in favor of the rules of society.  I believe in free will, which means my actions are not pre-ordained.

Like Horatio I am a Roman.  But I follow the Cato who defended the Republic, not his ancestor who set the Republic on the course that ended in Empire.


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