The focus of this blog was preparedness in a world of uncertainty–we do not know what is coming though some of us have guesses based on experience and the reading of history.  If the predictions made in the late fifties, early sixties were accurate, I’d be hopping into a vehicle attached to a web that had supplanted the road and highway system and be whisked to the destination I had entered into the computer. (I would have to enter it via keyboard because of the fact that the voice programs do not recognise differences in modulation and pronunciation–tr:  if you do not talk like the man on the six o’clock news, forget it.)  In reality it did not work out the way Uncle Ludwig (von Drake) predicted–which is just as well because I really love my little pickup.

After getting into a number of political fights, I realized that the same old political solutions were not going to have an impact beyond the next six months, four years or whatever. I had set about trying to impact society when the real thing that needs to be done is for people to start where they are and physically build something. What distinguishes humans from the lower primates is the sophistication of our tools—we have become dependent on tools for food, shelter and raimant.

We have broken society into those who consciously use tools to build and those who profit from others using tools. In an interview I was asked what training I had in various programs, specifically Excel. I was not trained in Excel—I used Lotus 1,2,3 and then was told we would use Excel 97. Fortunately, Excel 97 has more power than the earlier versions which were tables that took up vast amounts of memory without the computing power of Lotus.

But I am a devotee of brick and mortar building, of working with tools on physical projects where I can see the finished project.

A little disclosure.   T.S. Eliot described himself as “Anglo-Catholic in religion, classicist in literature and royalist in politics.”   If only it were that simple.  I believe in limited government which does no more than is necessary, avoids entangling alliances, and refrains from unnecessary military adventurism.  I am a college graduate who managed to balance arts and sciences and to learn independent thinking.  I have been all over the political chart, but come back to the principles of liberty. free markets and distrust of power. But I have finally realized that my one contribution has been teaching my children to use tools.

I will be writing on various topics related to probable scenarios, and possible prreparatipns for those scenarios.  Beyond my education I have experience in carpentry, electricity, electronics, photography, teaching, administration, investigation and writing.  I practice a modified Yang Style Taiji.  I spent several years training scout leaders in leadership and outdoor skills.  I counseled archery, wilderness survival, first aid, pioneering and cooking merit badges.  I shoot rifle and pistol–because of detached retina my doctor prefers I not shoot shotgun.

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